"You, my dear are brilliant on many levels! LOVE your talent, composition and originality! Brilliant!"
Thom Bierdz, President American Art Awards


"I selected Yvonne’s painting “My Parents’ Daughter and Hyper Cube” for the exhibition and to win an Award of Merit because of its powerful and truthful statement that resonates throughout cultures worldwide. Unfortunately, women’s equality is still a “Hot Topics” issue that needs to be brought to light through art."
Renee Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International.

" I've been appreciating the art of Yvonne Welman for a couple of years now, and I highly recommend her as a very professional and outstanding painter! This lasting impressive experience of her works even induced me to feature her artistic profile in two of my book publications of Who's Who in Visual Art."
Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, Ceo Art Domain Group Germany.


"Knowing that the work of Yvonne Welman is driven by her personal passion to a subject, I hesitated to ask her to perform by assignment. In the end it turned out to be a challenge in time, as well as discovering a new world. And what a great result ! She pulled different aspects together and mixed them with classical themes-of-art as well as satellites of a new world. I appreciate her creativity highly".
- Paul Meijers, Director Erbe Netherlands.



Jury report “Painting of the Year 2016”:

“A beautiful mixture of classical and modern elements and painting history.  From a technical point of view a really masterly painting, especially the center part.  All the different architectural parts form a beautiful unity together. This is a painting you keep looking at, again and again and you keep discovering new, funny, anachronistic elements”.


Jury: Ceciel de Bie – Van Gogh museum, Carin Reinders - Coda museum, Piet van Nassau Commercial Director – Colart, 
Joop Daalmeijer - Chairman, Pieter Keune Chemist and Material Science – The Gerrit Rietveld Academie,
Hilde van Canneyt, Bruni Mortier.