4th place category Self Portrait and 5th place category Political - American Art Award - American Art Award - Yvonne Welman     -    Finalist artist of the year Circle arts Foundation, France      -    12 July - 6th September International exhibition Kunst aan de Kade 65- Delft      -    1 - 31 August Botanical exhibition Online - LightSpaceTime     -    April 2019 Exhibition Gallery Kun:st International, Leonberg, Germany     -    Featured artist at ArtsyShark USA click this link: ArtsyShark - Yvonne Welman    

A personal reaction to social issues is the motivation for my work. My most important paintings are based on ideas, social issues and general opinions about art, gender equality and over all generalisation in roll patterns. Feelings like frustration, anger or admiration start the process of visualizing my own opinion. I work with open acrylic or oil paint and often with textile fabrics from my personal history.

Time becomes a part of the creational process, which reflects itself in my paintings. The slow process is similar to the endless household chores and female craft like embroidery and knitting. It’s the opposite of the superficial pictures we are surrounded with every day.


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